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FanChants USA FC Index Football Chants

USA FanChants FC Index najvyššej futbalovej naspamäť. Naša unikátna formula pre výpis najlepšie futbalové piesne, keď vyjdú von.

32 New York Islanders USA Bought the Cup You know it. . .the Rangers Bought the Cup Zoznam skladieb
40 North Carolina USA Orange Football Team To the tune of Yellow Submarine Zoznam skladieb
54 Portland Timbers USA Cleats Up Timbers! Instructions to turn cleats in an upward direction Zoznam skladieb
57 Columbus Crew USA F*ck off Toronto FC To the scum from the 51st state
61 New York Islanders USA Ya Famous 329 3!2!9! . .make it your ringtone Zoznam skladieb
190 Calgary Flames USA Calgary Fan Song Ed: We weren't sent the lyrics for this one. If you know 'em, just comment and we will sort it out. Thanks. Zoznam skladieb
280 New York Red Bulls USA State 51 Sticking it to those "out-of-towners" Zoznam skladieb
363 Philadelphia Union USA Dale O Dale Zoznam skladieb
391 New York City USA FC, NYC Simple, but a great soccer song from the Third Rail Zoznam skladieb
396 Portland Timbers USA Dale Cavese - Portland Timbers Based on the famous chant by fans of Cavese Zoznam skladieb
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403 Philadelphia 76ers USA 12345 Sixers! 76ers Oldschool Anthem
422 Columbus Blue Jackets USA Chili! NEW With three goals in this home game, all ticket holders can show their tickets at a participating Roosters Restaurant in Central Ohio for a free bowl of chili. Roosters is a locally based chain of "casual" buffalo wing shacks. Zoznam skladieb
464 New York Islanders USA Kevin Poulin For the saves Zoznam skladieb
475 Colorado Rapids USA Walking in a Rapids Wonderland It's a riot round here... Zoznam skladieb
517 New York Islanders USA Let's Go Islanders!!!!! The most classic of all islanders anthems Zoznam skladieb
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